Parent’s Hack: How to Get Your Kids Sleep Early

Bedtime is an issue for several parents. They have to struggle with all dramas from their kids. It could be a rejection to go to the bedroom, a crying caused by the darkroom, or probably their fear for a monster. Thus, every parent should have a trick to handle this situation. Lucky you find this article! We are here to share with you about how to get your kids sleep early.

Don’t be amazed when you see the toddler never feels sleepy. Indeed, they are always fully charged without dropping. Even though they are tired, they only need a little time to be back jumping, running and screaming again. Yes, they don’t think that they need asleep. That is why you should remind them about bedtime. Here are some tips about how to get your kids sleep early, so you can eliminate one stress from daily life.

1. Make a Routine

Bedtime is not only about resting or taking care of health. It is also related to discipline, thus, you must make a routine for the kids. They will understand when to stop playing and preparing for sleep. You can start it by turning off the TV, dimming the light, having a story on the bed, or playing relaxing music. Do this repeatedly at the same clock every day. Their biological will adjust for this condition automatically in the future.

2. Create Sleeping Environment

When your kids understand when to go to sleep, you have to prepare a relaxing place. Don’t let them lost that relaxing moment. Unless you want to see them running around the house again. It is good to set calm lighting, comfortable bed and blanket, and anything. Today some parents use aromatherapy to help to relax their kids.

3. Avoid Gadget

We don’t recommend you give them a tablet or smartphone in the bedroom. They will play the game or watch a video. Besides, it is not good for their eyes, they are going to pretend to feel no sleepy. In fact, they are tired and really want to sleep. But, because of something attractive in front of their eyes, they try to keep the eyes opened.

4. No Meal Before Bedtime

Several kids might need to drink milk before sleeping. There is no problem with it. In fact, it is recommended to give them warm milk before sleeping. But, never give your kids chocolate, cake, or even soft drinks. Those will make their stomach uncomfortable. If they feel a little hungry, a light snack or fruit could be the best option.

5. Watch Their Napping Habit

Sometimes the kids are hard to sleep at night because they slept enough before. So, make sure they have the proper time for napping. It is also not good when they don’t take a nap before. You will face a cranky kid and it is absolutely challenging. Actually, the napping habit could exist until the age of 3. Thus, the earlier you can create their habit, the easier to maintain in the future.

Those are about how to get your kids sleep early. Remember, when your kids show strange symptoms, such as difficulty in focus, tired during the day, or anything, that could be a problem with their bedtime.

5 Reasons To Visit St Helena for Vacation

Have you heard of St. Helena island. If you never hear about it, you don’t have to be embarrassed. That’s because you are not the only one who doesn’t know about it. Many people never heard or don’t know about St. Helena island because it is a remote island. You can find St. Helena island if you travel far enough to the South Atlantic Ocean. Even though it is a remote island, St. Helena relatively popular among travel lovers. It is getting more popular when you can visit it with a flight from Johannesburg. Now, are you wondering why is such a remote island become popular with traveler? If you’re curious enough, let’s take a peek abut reasons to visit St. Helena.

1. It is Unique Place

One of the reasons to visit St Helena is its uniqueness. You pretty much won’t find an island like this. As long as your eyes see, there is only an ocean and nothing else. That’s because the nearest place is 100 miles away from that place. Though it is such a remote place, it doesn’t mean that you can do nothing. On the other hand, there are many things you can do there from hiking to diving. And this place has the perfect weather when you want to escape the coldness in the winter.

2. Amazing Capital

When you go to St Helena, you should visit Jamestown as the capital city first to understand St Helena. As a capital, Jamestown holds its greatness. Though it is just a little town that stretches up a narrow alley, the people there are very chill and friendly. People who go there usually spend their time in Jamestown for some times

3. Opportunity to Watch Fantastic Wildlife

If you are a great fan of wildlife, then it can be a reason to visit St Helena. There you have many chances to watch wild animals that rarely be seen. In the sea, you can find the whale sharks that become the biggest draw. In addition, you can see humpback whales and dolphins.

When you go to the land, you can witness the only surviving endemic bird fly in the sky. And what’s more, you can see it all year. This place is surely where you can see that little plover.

4. Great Walking Trails

With a great seascape and postbox walks, it attracts people to challenge it. The hikers usually come all year to enjoy such scenery. The hard part about hiking in St Helena is the overhead sun and little shade. But it can be overcome with the breeze outside.

5. Unforgettable Diving Experience

St Helena is not only friendly with hiking lovers. As you know this is a remote place surrounded by ocean, and so the sea becomes an attraction to diving lovers. There are some reasons that make St Helena’s sea become so attractive. The clean water and its good visibility is one of them. Moreover, you can easily spot an interesting marine life such as endemic fish and numerous wreck. If you want to dive there, the best time is in October and April as it is the warmest temperature. But actually you can dive there all the time.

Now you know the greateness of  that place and the reasons to visit St Helena. How about it? Do you feel to visit this remote island near nowhere. If you do, then let’s pack and pay a visit to the most beautiful remote island, St Helena.

Mom’s Guide: The Best Snack for Baby in Finger Food Training

It is always interesting seeing your baby through their milestones every day. Now, look at them, they are ready for real food. But, they have to learn to chew before enjoying the chocolate as their brothers or sisters do. You can start to teach this once your baby is 8 or 9 months. They are able to grab anything on the plate. Give them something small and soft. That is why we are here sharing you the best snack for baby in finger food training.

Enjoy every process you go through with your little one. Prepare yourself for a messy room. That is okay because they are in learning. Make a fun snacking time together with the whole family members will be more exciting. See what you can give as the snack for baby in finger food training. Also, the more various kinds you give, the more exciting your baby will be.

1. Puffs

Wherever you look for the best recommendation of the baby’s snack, the puffs are the answer. It is small, smooth, and soft. Your baby will be easy to grab and put inside their mouth. Also, since they are learning to chew, the puffs are easily shallowed. No need to worry because the puffs are directly melted once it is sweated.

2. Soft Fruit

Another recommended snack to give is fruit. But, remember, only give the soft fruit for them. Just like the puffs, it is due to safety and their easiness. You can give them blueberries, ripe banana, watermelon, or peach. Cut the fruit into small piece. This snacking time will train their soft motoric too at the same time.

3. Pasta

If you want something that nearly like real food, then you can start with pasta. Make the pasta is overcooked, so the texture is soft. Try small pasta, like mini shells or orzo. But, it is also okay to give them the penne or fusilli. Besides cutting it into small pieces, you serve it in the plain. As time goes by, you can add more flavour with olive-oil or low-sodium sauce.

4. Tofu

Tofu is one of the foods that is good for this training. Whether it is cooked or uncooked, tofu is a good protein source for your baby. But when you give the tofu, better for you to sit beside the baby. They might get frustrated because of the slippery tofu. Actually, it is also good to train they motoric organs for something small and sleek.

5. Cheese

It is not the last, but cheese is always favorite for every baby. Before you give this, you must make sure that your baby is okay taking dairy food. If it is not, then forget about the cheese. Cut the cheese into small pieces, like pasta or fruit. Then place into the plate in front of the baby. Once you show them how to eat it, they will follow you after that.

If you already try all snack for baby in finger food training above, you have to explore more for the variation. You can also make it more fun by singing together or sitting at dinner time.

Top 5 Controversial Affairs Among The Political Figures So Far

A number of world leaders are known to be involved in an affair. The scandal damaged the harmony of the family, shocked the country’s politics, and the world. They are famous as controversial affairs among the political figures.

Stories about their affairs are famous all over the world. The ending of their affairs also varies, some end up in prison and even killed. These are 5 controversial affairs among the political figures:

1.     Silvio Berlusconi

He is an Italian political figure since 1994. In addition, he served three terms of office for 17 years marked by sex scandals with a number of women. The number is included in his affair with commercial female sex workers. His third leadership period was the ‘busiest’ time.

He threw parties with young women at his luxury homes. The worst, in 2013 the court proves that he was legal to have sex with Karima El Mahroug. She is a dancer who is still 17 years old. Therefore, the court decided to imprison him for up to 7 years.

2.     Dominique Strauss

He is one of the French politicians. Dominique Strauss is also the former head of the International Monetary Fund. Furthermore, his governing council fired him from his position in 2011. This was because he sexually harassed a hotel employee in New York.

The court overturned criminal charges regarding this in 2012. Then they settled this case into a civil case. In early 2015, a government council took him to a French court on charges of involvement in the prostitution network. But the court ruled that the former French presidential candidate was innocent.

3.     Idi Amin Dada

The president, who is also a military official, ruled for eight years. His government has a bad history. Such as political repression, corruption, economic transition, and human rights violations. He has been married at least 6 times, has 50 mistresses outside of marriage.

Furthermore, he once built a business using the names of his 3 wives. But then divorced them through live broadcasts on the radio. He fled when Tanzanian troops invaded Uganda and arrived in Libya. Furthermore, he finally settled in Saudi Arabia and died there.

4.     Moammar Khadafi

This dictator is famous for his bodyguards consisting of beautiful virgin women. He has ruled Libya for 40 years with a long list of violations and crimes. In 2010, he invited 20 young women from Italy who later claimed that Gaddafi treated them like queens.

The dictator treats some women as sex slaves. The governing council has briefly adjudicated the reports of a number of women. After being ousted from power, he was captured by the National Transitional Council forces and killed.

5.     Kim Jong-il

The North Korean Grand Leader has a large number of female escorts he chose himself. Although running the country like a big prison, he enjoyed a luxurious life. There are approximately 2,000 beautiful young women for entertainment purposes.

They are also a fulfillment of the sexual desires of the Great Leader. All these women must not be taller than 155 centimeters, because that is the height of him.

Those are controversial affairs among the political figures. They are famous political figures all over the world. In addition, they are famous not only for their scandalous news but their character as controversial politicians.

How to Prevent Kids from Diabetes Type 1

Diabetes is a disease that can attack both adults and kids. However, a kid immune isn’t as strong as adults therefore, it is more dangerous for kids to suffer from Diabetes. One type of immune that usually attacks kids is Diabetes Type 1, which can attack adults too. Usually, kids will get sleepy and hungry easily compared to normal kids. How to prevent kids from Diabetes Type 1 is quite tricky, but it is still possible.

Even though curing diabetes is hard to cure, but parents can at least help prevent their kids from diabetes. If there is a family history of diabetes, the possibility to get it also big. However, the last thing people can do is delay the occur. These are some ways in how to prevent kids from diabetes Type 1.

1. Receiving Insulin Injection

Diabetes patients have no insulin, or they decrease slowly by time. And this is one of the main cause they get attack with diabetes. Therefore, to prevent kids from having no insulin, some parents inject a low dose of insulin. But parents must realize that this is not a cure, it is just a way to help delay the disease from coming faster.

 2. Maintain Healthy Food

Eating healthy foods and maintaining a healthy diet can also help delay diabetes. Ensure to give low-sugar foods and drinks to your kids to maintain their blood sugar. Therefore, kids shouldn’t eat snacks or foods from places that aren’t clean. Try cooking simple foods for your kids without using too much salt and sugar of course. This may not be fun for your kids, but it will help their health.

 3. Monitor Blood Sugar

The most important thing on how to prevent kids from diabetes type 1, is by always monitoring their blood sugar. Make a routine schedule on when you must check their blood sugar. This will help parents have a fast reaction if their kid’s blood sugar suddenly becomes high. Also, buy a tool or equipment that can measure blood sugar.

 4. Doing Physical Activity

Kids who suffer from diabetes are not allowed to do heavy activities. However, they are still allowed to do physical activities such as sports. Just make sure that when they get tired, they rest for a while before starting again. Ensure that they don’t faint either, so kids must know how strong and weak their bodies are. By doing physical activities, kids’ bodies can get some fresh air and be healthier.

5. Regular Check-Up

It is also very important to check up with the doctor regularly. Even though there is no complain from your kids, don’t forget to do a routine check-up. This is to maintain the health of your kids so that they keep health. Like people say, it is better to know now, rather than later.

These ways on how to prevent kids from diabetes type 1 depend on how routine you do them. The more routine and careful, the better the result is. Even though doctors are not able to cure diabetes, at least we can help delay from getting worse. Stay with healthy foods and live happily is another way to prevent diabetes.

8 Smart Fashion Tricks To Look Taller

Having a tiny body is tricky. Being cute is a signature of every tiny girl’s fashion style. But sometimes on some occasions, you want to look taller. Here are a few fashion tricks to look taller.

1. Use High Waist Pants or Skirt

To make you look taller, all parts of your body must look taller too. You can start with your legs.

Using high waist pants or skirts will make your leg look longer. You also can choose a flare type of pants or skirt.

Using high waist jeans will never be wrong. You can go anywhere with it because it is very simple and comfy. Make sure to choose the right top, so your top and bottom body are “separated” perfectly.

2. Use Maxi Skirt or Dress

The next thing you can do is using a long skirt or dress. You can choose a long dress to go to a formal occasion.

The long dress will help your body looks taller. Choose the fit dress, don’t use a bigger size or loose dress because it will drown your body.

3. Pointy Flats is The Right Choice

If you don’t like using high heels, pointy shoes can be a perfect choice. The point will make your legs and foot look more proportional.

Nowadays, you can see a lot of pointy shoe styles. But to make the shoes perform better to make you taller, choose a shoe color that is close to the skin color.

4. Do Higher Hair Tie

Confusing the hairstyle? Simply tie the hair higher. Roll the hair, then put it at the top of your head. It can make you look taller because your head and neck will be seen clearly.

If you have long hair and can make a big bun above your head, it also can add some centimeters to your body.

But, if you don’t like long hair, just cut it above your shoulder. The hanging hair will expose your neck, and it will look taller.

5. Choose Vertical Strip Clothes

While choosing clothes, be sure to choose the right pattern. The vertical strip will make you look taller, while horizontal stripe will make the body looks bigger.

Use a vertical strip in your shirt or blouse. It can give the illusion that you are taller than the people who see you.

6. Use V Neck Shirt

V neck type also can help you look taller. It will make the neck longer and expose the beauty of your top body.

Use a v neck shirt with high waist jeans is really a great choice. Because that style will make you look taller.

7. Try To Use Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit usually uses to do a daily activity or formal occasion. You can combine it with a blazer to go to the office.

Jumpsuit divides your body into two pieces and makes the legs look longer. Choose the right color of the jumpsuit and be a taller girl.

8. Use High Heels

The last tricks you can always do is using high heels. But please, make sure that you choose comfy high heels.

A wrong one will make the foot hurt, and your day becomes a disaster. Pick a soft insole so your foot will not be blistered.

Those fashion tricks to look taller can be done by everyone that wants to looks taller. Look tall maybe it can make you more confidence.

But before doing those tricks, please make sure to choose the style which is suit to your style. Don’t push your self to be uncomfortable.

Fashion will not work if people who wear it uncomfortable. It even can make you not confidence and can ruin your day.

Best Items You Should Buy For Christmas Gifts

Christmas will arrive soon. Do not forget to make your list and double-check it, because it is the time for shopping. Christmas shopping sometimes can be tough and mind-boggling. Therefore, here is the list of best items you should buy for Christmas gifts.

1. Wallet Cross-body

When your mother or sisters are busy running errands, yet does not have the time and capacity to bring handbag, wallet Cross-body is the best gifts for them. The simple design is not just trendy but also useful.

The size of the wallet cross-body is small but big enough to bring phone, cards, and cash. It wills keeps their hand free and reduces the clutter from bringing a handbag. Thus, it is one of the best items you should buy for Christmas gifts.

2. Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

For those who always carry a water bottle, know hard it is to find a place for refilling the water. The self-cleaning water bottle will help purify the water and eliminate almost all the contaminants. So, you do not have to worry about finding the water-refill spot anymore.

This item is very suitable for your friends or family that are travelers, environmentalists, and frugal. Not just unique, but it is also a useful gift.

3. Polaroid Camera

A Polaroid camera is a very well-suited gift for your friends or family that loves taking photos. It available in many colors and shapes, so you can pick a color and shape that are fit with their personality. Also, you can create so many memories using this camera.

With this camera, do not bother to print out the photos. Just snap and the photo will print automatically. It is the best item you should buy for Christmas gifts!

4. Slim Minimalist Wallet

Big and thick wallets are no more! It is now time for slim and functional wallets. The slim minimalist wallet is the best gift’s choice for your father or brothers. The sleek and simple design will allow them to appear practical yet stylish.

It available in several colors and models, you can choose the most suitable one for them. As a result, this wallet is the best gift for a trendy yet simple man.

5. Scented Candle

A scented candle is one of the best gifts for your family and friends. The sweet and gentle aroma can represent a “hug”, especially for someone who celebrates Christmas away from home. You can choose scented that reflects their hometown or personality to make it more touching.

This candle is one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts. It sweet and gentleness could light up the mood on Christmas day.

6. Game Console

If you have brothers or sisters that love to play games, the game console can be a better choice for Christmas gift. Not only your gift receiver who will love it, but also everyone, because game console can be enjoyed together.

You can also add your brothers’ and sisters’ favorite games. It will make them more happy and thankful for your gifts.

7. Action Figures or Figurines

Works can be overwhelming sometimes. You can give action figures or figurines of your friends’ favorite TV shows or book characters. Besides being decoration, it can be a form of reminder, so that they will not forget to have fun.

Those items above are the best items you should buy for Christmas gifts. Although Christmas shopping can be a little confusing, with this list, hopefully, you can have more Christmas gifts inspiration. Enjoy!

Where to Visit in Adelaide, That You Don’t Know

Famous tourist attractions in Adelaide become a choice for tourists to do recreational activities with friends and family. Adelaide is one of the largest cities and capitals in the state of South Australia. There are many famous tourist attractions, and here is a list of where to visit in Adelaide.

1 Adelaide Zoo

The Adelaide Zoo is a good tourist destination for children and adults. This attraction is the second oldest zoo in Australia located in Adelaide, South Australia.

This zoo has an area of ​​about 8 hectares and already open on May 23, 1883. This zoo has around 300 species of animals and has more than 2000 animals in this tourist spot.

The Adelaide Zoo is found in the late 19th century. This place makes visitors love this place. Because it is a charismatic collection of animals and the educational focus. Some Giant pandas are the stars in this place, including both young and old.

Other attractions that attract visitors are orangutans attraction, the Envirodome, and a vertical garden. Many children will love the zoo. Because they can kiss, and hug as well as quokkas, kangaroos and wallabies.

2 Bumbunga Lake

Lake Bumbunga is a salt lake located in South Australia close to the cities of Lochiel and Bumbunga. Salt in this area mines it since 1881. To get to this famous tourist spot in Adelaide, visitors need less than 2 hours from Adelaide.

Lake Bumbunga tourist attraction has a pretty unique view, which is looking to have a color change to pink or depending on the salinity of water throughout the year. Therefore, this place is the most beautiful place, which is one of the places where to visit in Adelaide.

3 The Museum of Migration

The Migration Museum is a social history museum has a location in Adelaide, South Australia. And this place is one of three museums run by the History Trust of South Australia.

This museum is related to the history of settlement immigration in Australia. Furthermore, the museum was established at the initiative of the government in 1983 and opened in 1986. Besides the museum’s attractions aim to promote cultural diversity and multiculturalism in terms of ethnicity, class, gender, age, and region.

The Adelaide Migration Museum was the first anywhere on earth when it opened in 1986. This facility promotes multiculturalism by tracing the social history of a generation of newcomers who have made a major contribution to the people of South Australia.

4 Victoria Square

In the city center, at the junction with Grote Street and Wakefield Street, King William Street opens the altered Victoria Square, a beautifully landscaped venue for events. The Tarndanyangga is the name of this place. That name is an aboriginal name.

Under the shadow of modern tall buildings, some beautiful 19th-century buildings have been preserved. Moreover, on the south side, standing judges impress the ‘Courthouse with rows of Doric. On the east side of this place, there is the Financial Building next to the City Hall.

Those are some places where to visit in Adelaide. The place is a recommendation of a tourist destination that must visit when stopping at Adelaide.

Check It Out, Sanitary Tips for Cats at Home

 People adopt pets because pets are known fun, playful and loyal. However, besides playing with them, it is also important to take care of them. Starting from their health, food and especially their sanitary. Sanitary is an important aspect to pay attention to. The hygiene of sanitary would not only affect the cat but also the master and the surrounding environment. Before adopting them, it is necessary to figure out some sanitary tips for cats.

Some people might assume that cats would litter carelessly and cause an unpleasant smell. Whereas cats are animal that adores cleanness. Even though they do not like water but the cat does love being bathed. To provide the right home for them, here are some sanitary tips for cats that is simple to apply home:

 1. Provide Cat Sand Container

Cats usually litter in sands or on grounds. To keep it clean, provide a litter box with cat sands it in. The Cat sand has a fragrant smell that cat loves and able to bury the bad smell. Provide it in a suitable container that is big enough for the cat. 

2. Provide enough Cat Sand 

Homey sanitary tips for cats with providing enough cat sand. Make sure there is enough cat sand to cover up all the litter. If the sand is not enough it might cause more dirtiness to the sanitary. If the cat has defecated but overall the sand is still clean, immediately take the litter using a litter scoop. It would keep the sanitary clean and hygiene

3. Often Change and Clean

Sands in the cats box must be changed at least once a day. Do not wait until the sanitary is full and dirty. When cleaning the sanitary, use clean water with cloth and cleaning agent that contains disinfectants. Soak in the sanitary box for about 30 minutes with disinfectants to kill the bacteria and virus. 

4. Circulation 

The sanitary is led inside a cage or located indoor, make sure it has enough circulation. Do not use an air conditioner when in the cleaning process. It is better to use a fan to make a better air circulation. Give some time to dry the litter box outside under the sun’s heat. It could help get rid of bacteria and bad smell

5. One Cat – One Litter Box

The last sanitary tips for cats are providing each cat with one litter tray. Do not use one place for more than one cat. It could mix dirt from different cats at once which is not a nice option. Besides not all cats are willing to share the same litter box with each other. 

These sanitary tips for cats are simple and not expensive to apply, especially at home. Choosing the equipment for cat sand, litter box, disinfectants spray is easy to get. It could be bought in pet shops and also online. By keeping the cat clean, will also make the environment around us clean too. Therefore, try to discipline the cat too, too make everything clean.

Tips on How to Take Care Goldfish

Having a pet is a hobby and activity that can make people happy. But not all pets are easy to take care of, especially the ones with many needs. One of the pets that is easy to take care of is goldfish. Goldfish are small and don’t take too much space in the house. The ways on how to take care goldfish are also very easy and simple.

Even though taking care of a goldfish is easy, there are tips on how to pet them. If people don’t know how to take care goldfish in the right way, they can die. Therefore, it is important to know the right ways, so they can survive for a long time. Here are some of the simple tips you should try:

1. Clean up the Tank

Fish only lives in water; therefore, they are usually in tanks. People can put them in pools, but it takes more space and effort. Because the tank is where they live, ensure to clean their tanks at least twice a week. This will help prevent the fish from eating dirt. Make sure to also clean the gravel inside the tank. And throw the small gravels away so that the fish doesn’t eat them.

2. Light for the Tank

An important tip in petting a goldfish is by giving them light. Do not put them in direct sunlight, because it can kill them. Like humans, goldfish maintain their health by sleeping and moving around. They will move around when there is light and will rest when it is dark. Therefore, put some light near the tank for 8-12 hours each day. Golden fish that doesn’t receive enough light is usually dull.

3. Water Filler

All fish needs a water filler to make them alive, including goldfish. A good water filter must have 3 stages, chemical, mechanical and biological. Each stage has its function to help the goldfish live longer. The main function of filter is to remove particles inside the tank at a certain time. So, when we don’t clean the tank, the filter will do it for us. Therefore, this item is a must to have if you have a goldfish.

4. Feed on Time

The easiest but most important way on how to take care goldfish is by feeding them. Don’t feed them late, because it can cause them hunger. But don’t give them too much either because it isn’t healthy. Therefore, make a schedule for their feeding time to help. At least this way, you will remember when you need to feed them.

5. Routine Check

Goldfish are sometimes a bit more sensitive compared to other fish. Therefore, it is best to check on them at least once each day. Pay attention to their water and food. Or is there any itch on their skin. Pay attention to these small details and do some action if something happens. The faster you react, the better is it for your pet.

So, there are some of the easiest tips on how to take care goldfish. If you can take care of them well, they can live a long time. However, on the other side, if you just let it swim inside, it will die. Therefore, ensure to always check on you goldfish especially if you leave them for a long time.