Having a tiny body is tricky. Being cute is a signature of every tiny girl’s fashion style. But sometimes on some occasions, you want to look taller. Here are a few fashion tricks to look taller.

1. Use High Waist Pants or Skirt

To make you look taller, all parts of your body must look taller too. You can start with your legs.

Using high waist pants or skirts will make your leg look longer. You also can choose a flare type of pants or skirt.

Using high waist jeans will never be wrong. You can go anywhere with it because it is very simple and comfy. Make sure to choose the right top, so your top and bottom body are “separated” perfectly.

2. Use Maxi Skirt or Dress

The next thing you can do is using a long skirt or dress. You can choose a long dress to go to a formal occasion.

The long dress will help your body looks taller. Choose the fit dress, don’t use a bigger size or loose dress because it will drown your body.

3. Pointy Flats is The Right Choice

If you don’t like using high heels, pointy shoes can be a perfect choice. The point will make your legs and foot look more proportional.

Nowadays, you can see a lot of pointy shoe styles. But to make the shoes perform better to make you taller, choose a shoe color that is close to the skin color.

4. Do Higher Hair Tie

Confusing the hairstyle? Simply tie the hair higher. Roll the hair, then put it at the top of your head. It can make you look taller because your head and neck will be seen clearly.

If you have long hair and can make a big bun above your head, it also can add some centimeters to your body.

But, if you don’t like long hair, just cut it above your shoulder. The hanging hair will expose your neck, and it will look taller.

5. Choose Vertical Strip Clothes

While choosing clothes, be sure to choose the right pattern. The vertical strip will make you look taller, while horizontal stripe will make the body looks bigger.

Use a vertical strip in your shirt or blouse. It can give the illusion that you are taller than the people who see you.

6. Use V Neck Shirt

V neck type also can help you look taller. It will make the neck longer and expose the beauty of your top body.

Use a v neck shirt with high waist jeans is really a great choice. Because that style will make you look taller.

7. Try To Use Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit usually uses to do a daily activity or formal occasion. You can combine it with a blazer to go to the office.

Jumpsuit divides your body into two pieces and makes the legs look longer. Choose the right color of the jumpsuit and be a taller girl.

8. Use High Heels

The last tricks you can always do is using high heels. But please, make sure that you choose comfy high heels.

A wrong one will make the foot hurt, and your day becomes a disaster. Pick a soft insole so your foot will not be blistered.

Those fashion tricks to look taller can be done by everyone that wants to looks taller. Look tall maybe it can make you more confidence.

But before doing those tricks, please make sure to choose the style which is suit to your style. Don’t push your self to be uncomfortable.

Fashion will not work if people who wear it uncomfortable. It even can make you not confidence and can ruin your day.