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Parent’s Hack: How to Get Your Kids Sleep Early

Bedtime is an issue for several parents. They have to struggle with all dramas from their kids. It could be a rejection to go to the bedroom, a crying caused by the darkroom, or probably their fear for a monster. Thus, every parent should have a trick to handle this situation. Lucky you find this article! We are here to share with you about how to get your kids sleep early.

Don’t be amazed when you see the toddler never feels sleepy. Indeed, they are always fully charged without dropping. Even though they are tired, they only need a little time to be back jumping, running and screaming again. Yes, they don’t think that they need asleep. That is why you should remind them about bedtime. Here are some tips about how to get your kids sleep early, so you can eliminate one stress from daily life.

1. Make a Routine

Bedtime is not only about resting or taking care of health. It is also related to discipline, thus, you must make a routine for the kids. They will understand when to stop playing and preparing for sleep. You can start it by turning off the TV, dimming the light, having a story on the bed, or playing relaxing music. Do this repeatedly at the same clock every day. Their biological will adjust for this condition automatically in the future.

2. Create Sleeping Environment

When your kids understand when to go to sleep, you have to prepare a relaxing place. Don’t let them lost that relaxing moment. Unless you want to see them running around the house again. It is good to set calm lighting, comfortable bed and blanket, and anything. Today some parents use aromatherapy to help to relax their kids.

3. Avoid Gadget

We don’t recommend you give them a tablet or smartphone in the bedroom. They will play the game or watch a video. Besides, it is not good for their eyes, they are going to pretend to feel no sleepy. In fact, they are tired and really want to sleep. But, because of something attractive in front of their eyes, they try to keep the eyes opened.

4. No Meal Before Bedtime

Several kids might need to drink milk before sleeping. There is no problem with it. In fact, it is recommended to give them warm milk before sleeping. But, never give your kids chocolate, cake, or even soft drinks. Those will make their stomach uncomfortable. If they feel a little hungry, a light snack or fruit could be the best option.

5. Watch Their Napping Habit

Sometimes the kids are hard to sleep at night because they slept enough before. So, make sure they have the proper time for napping. It is also not good when they don’t take a nap before. You will face a cranky kid and it is absolutely challenging. Actually, the napping habit could exist until the age of 3. Thus, the earlier you can create their habit, the easier to maintain in the future.

Those are about how to get your kids sleep early. Remember, when your kids show strange symptoms, such as difficulty in focus, tired during the day, or anything, that could be a problem with their bedtime.

Mom’s Guide: The Best Snack for Baby in Finger Food Training

It is always interesting seeing your baby through their milestones every day. Now, look at them, they are ready for real food. But, they have to learn to chew before enjoying the chocolate as their brothers or sisters do. You can start to teach this once your baby is 8 or 9 months. They are able to grab anything on the plate. Give them something small and soft. That is why we are here sharing you the best snack for baby in finger food training.

Enjoy every process you go through with your little one. Prepare yourself for a messy room. That is okay because they are in learning. Make a fun snacking time together with the whole family members will be more exciting. See what you can give as the snack for baby in finger food training. Also, the more various kinds you give, the more exciting your baby will be.

1. Puffs

Wherever you look for the best recommendation of the baby’s snack, the puffs are the answer. It is small, smooth, and soft. Your baby will be easy to grab and put inside their mouth. Also, since they are learning to chew, the puffs are easily shallowed. No need to worry because the puffs are directly melted once it is sweated.

2. Soft Fruit

Another recommended snack to give is fruit. But, remember, only give the soft fruit for them. Just like the puffs, it is due to safety and their easiness. You can give them blueberries, ripe banana, watermelon, or peach. Cut the fruit into small piece. This snacking time will train their soft motoric too at the same time.

3. Pasta

If you want something that nearly like real food, then you can start with pasta. Make the pasta is overcooked, so the texture is soft. Try small pasta, like mini shells or orzo. But, it is also okay to give them the penne or fusilli. Besides cutting it into small pieces, you serve it in the plain. As time goes by, you can add more flavour with olive-oil or low-sodium sauce.

4. Tofu

Tofu is one of the foods that is good for this training. Whether it is cooked or uncooked, tofu is a good protein source for your baby. But when you give the tofu, better for you to sit beside the baby. They might get frustrated because of the slippery tofu. Actually, it is also good to train they motoric organs for something small and sleek.

5. Cheese

It is not the last, but cheese is always favorite for every baby. Before you give this, you must make sure that your baby is okay taking dairy food. If it is not, then forget about the cheese. Cut the cheese into small pieces, like pasta or fruit. Then place into the plate in front of the baby. Once you show them how to eat it, they will follow you after that.

If you already try all snack for baby in finger food training above, you have to explore more for the variation. You can also make it more fun by singing together or sitting at dinner time.

How to Prevent Kids from Diabetes Type 1

Diabetes is a disease that can attack both adults and kids. However, a kid immune isn’t as strong as adults therefore, it is more dangerous for kids to suffer from Diabetes. One type of immune that usually attacks kids is Diabetes Type 1, which can attack adults too. Usually, kids will get sleepy and hungry easily compared to normal kids. How to prevent kids from Diabetes Type 1 is quite tricky, but it is still possible.

Even though curing diabetes is hard to cure, but parents can at least help prevent their kids from diabetes. If there is a family history of diabetes, the possibility to get it also big. However, the last thing people can do is delay the occur. These are some ways in how to prevent kids from diabetes Type 1.

1. Receiving Insulin Injection

Diabetes patients have no insulin, or they decrease slowly by time. And this is one of the main cause they get attack with diabetes. Therefore, to prevent kids from having no insulin, some parents inject a low dose of insulin. But parents must realize that this is not a cure, it is just a way to help delay the disease from coming faster.

 2. Maintain Healthy Food

Eating healthy foods and maintaining a healthy diet can also help delay diabetes. Ensure to give low-sugar foods and drinks to your kids to maintain their blood sugar. Therefore, kids shouldn’t eat snacks or foods from places that aren’t clean. Try cooking simple foods for your kids without using too much salt and sugar of course. This may not be fun for your kids, but it will help their health.

 3. Monitor Blood Sugar

The most important thing on how to prevent kids from diabetes type 1, is by always monitoring their blood sugar. Make a routine schedule on when you must check their blood sugar. This will help parents have a fast reaction if their kid’s blood sugar suddenly becomes high. Also, buy a tool or equipment that can measure blood sugar.

 4. Doing Physical Activity

Kids who suffer from diabetes are not allowed to do heavy activities. However, they are still allowed to do physical activities such as sports. Just make sure that when they get tired, they rest for a while before starting again. Ensure that they don’t faint either, so kids must know how strong and weak their bodies are. By doing physical activities, kids’ bodies can get some fresh air and be healthier.

5. Regular Check-Up

It is also very important to check up with the doctor regularly. Even though there is no complain from your kids, don’t forget to do a routine check-up. This is to maintain the health of your kids so that they keep health. Like people say, it is better to know now, rather than later.

These ways on how to prevent kids from diabetes type 1 depend on how routine you do them. The more routine and careful, the better the result is. Even though doctors are not able to cure diabetes, at least we can help delay from getting worse. Stay with healthy foods and live happily is another way to prevent diabetes.

Knowing the Pros and Cons of Disposable Diaper

Parents would always want the best for their babies. Especially when comes to baby care products and exposed directly to their baby’s skin. Such as clothes, blankets, soaps and still more. However, one of the baby’s items that parents might pay more attention to, is baby’s diapers. There are always pros and cons of disposable diaper that parents should know.

Choosing diapers could be a complicated issue for some parents. There are several types of diapers these days. As an example, cloth diapers and disposable diapers. Parents perhaps might get confused about choosing diapers that could be re-use; or a disposable one. As parents, this info about the pros and cons of disposable diaper would be a nice consideration.

1. Adjustable for Any Age

There are two types disposable diapers: adhesive and pants diapers. Usually, adhesive diapers are used for newborn babies because it is easier to apply and disturb the baby less (especially when they are sleeping). While diaper pants are usually for babies 6 months old above, who is starting to crawl and walk.

2. Practical and Easy

Disposable diapers are more often chosen because it is practice and easy to apply. This type of diapers contains absorbing gel that is able to hold more fluid. Those gels allow the baby’s skin to stay dry and keeps them stay comfortable. With the right disposable diapers, parents do not need to replace diapers often. It is also not easy to drill and saves more time.

3. More Fund

Another side of disposable diapers is, it requires more funds than cloth diapers. Once the disposable diaper is used, it must be thrown away and cannot be used again. While babies need to change diapers at least 4 hours a day. Which means parents should provide minimal 6 diapers a day.

4. Rashes

The pros and cons of the disposable diaper are rashes. Rashes can be caused by a fungal or bacterial infection. Sometimes also because the diaper is already dirty and too wet to wear. In other cases, the baby’s skin reacts allergy to the diaper. To prevent rashes, it is important to constantly change the baby’s diaper every 4 hours using clean cloth and water. As another option, parents could apply cream or ointment on the baby’s thigh and waist to keep moist and clean.

5. Not Recyclable

It is an important con for a disposable diaper, which many people may not be aware of. A diaper will need about years to get it disposed of in nature. So, imagine how long it will take to process many diapers in a year? Although it is important, it is still quite hard to change from disposable to fabric diapers. The least parents can do to prevent this is by changing diapers at the needed time only. And throwing them based on the right garbage.

It is all the parent right to choose what kind of diapers suits the best for their children. Make sure to know the pros and cons of disposable diapers or cloth ones before choosing and applying them on babies.