Parents would always want the best for their babies. Especially when comes to baby care products and exposed directly to their baby’s skin. Such as clothes, blankets, soaps and still more. However, one of the baby’s items that parents might pay more attention to, is baby’s diapers. There are always pros and cons of disposable diaper that parents should know.

Choosing diapers could be a complicated issue for some parents. There are several types of diapers these days. As an example, cloth diapers and disposable diapers. Parents perhaps might get confused about choosing diapers that could be re-use; or a disposable one. As parents, this info about the pros and cons of disposable diaper would be a nice consideration.

1. Adjustable for Any Age

There are two types disposable diapers: adhesive and pants diapers. Usually, adhesive diapers are used for newborn babies because it is easier to apply and disturb the baby less (especially when they are sleeping). While diaper pants are usually for babies 6 months old above, who is starting to crawl and walk.

2. Practical and Easy

Disposable diapers are more often chosen because it is practice and easy to apply. This type of diapers contains absorbing gel that is able to hold more fluid. Those gels allow the baby’s skin to stay dry and keeps them stay comfortable. With the right disposable diapers, parents do not need to replace diapers often. It is also not easy to drill and saves more time.

3. More Fund

Another side of disposable diapers is, it requires more funds than cloth diapers. Once the disposable diaper is used, it must be thrown away and cannot be used again. While babies need to change diapers at least 4 hours a day. Which means parents should provide minimal 6 diapers a day.

4. Rashes

The pros and cons of the disposable diaper are rashes. Rashes can be caused by a fungal or bacterial infection. Sometimes also because the diaper is already dirty and too wet to wear. In other cases, the baby’s skin reacts allergy to the diaper. To prevent rashes, it is important to constantly change the baby’s diaper every 4 hours using clean cloth and water. As another option, parents could apply cream or ointment on the baby’s thigh and waist to keep moist and clean.

5. Not Recyclable

It is an important con for a disposable diaper, which many people may not be aware of. A diaper will need about years to get it disposed of in nature. So, imagine how long it will take to process many diapers in a year? Although it is important, it is still quite hard to change from disposable to fabric diapers. The least parents can do to prevent this is by changing diapers at the needed time only. And throwing them based on the right garbage.

It is all the parent right to choose what kind of diapers suits the best for their children. Make sure to know the pros and cons of disposable diapers or cloth ones before choosing and applying them on babies.