It is always interesting seeing your baby through their milestones every day. Now, look at them, they are ready for real food. But, they have to learn to chew before enjoying the chocolate as their brothers or sisters do. You can start to teach this once your baby is 8 or 9 months. They are able to grab anything on the plate. Give them something small and soft. That is why we are here sharing you the best snack for baby in finger food training.

Enjoy every process you go through with your little one. Prepare yourself for a messy room. That is okay because they are in learning. Make a fun snacking time together with the whole family members will be more exciting. See what you can give as the snack for baby in finger food training. Also, the more various kinds you give, the more exciting your baby will be.

1. Puffs

Wherever you look for the best recommendation of the baby’s snack, the puffs are the answer. It is small, smooth, and soft. Your baby will be easy to grab and put inside their mouth. Also, since they are learning to chew, the puffs are easily shallowed. No need to worry because the puffs are directly melted once it is sweated.

2. Soft Fruit

Another recommended snack to give is fruit. But, remember, only give the soft fruit for them. Just like the puffs, it is due to safety and their easiness. You can give them blueberries, ripe banana, watermelon, or peach. Cut the fruit into small piece. This snacking time will train their soft motoric too at the same time.

3. Pasta

If you want something that nearly like real food, then you can start with pasta. Make the pasta is overcooked, so the texture is soft. Try small pasta, like mini shells or orzo. But, it is also okay to give them the penne or fusilli. Besides cutting it into small pieces, you serve it in the plain. As time goes by, you can add more flavour with olive-oil or low-sodium sauce.

4. Tofu

Tofu is one of the foods that is good for this training. Whether it is cooked or uncooked, tofu is a good protein source for your baby. But when you give the tofu, better for you to sit beside the baby. They might get frustrated because of the slippery tofu. Actually, it is also good to train they motoric organs for something small and sleek.

5. Cheese

It is not the last, but cheese is always favorite for every baby. Before you give this, you must make sure that your baby is okay taking dairy food. If it is not, then forget about the cheese. Cut the cheese into small pieces, like pasta or fruit. Then place into the plate in front of the baby. Once you show them how to eat it, they will follow you after that.

If you already try all snack for baby in finger food training above, you have to explore more for the variation. You can also make it more fun by singing together or sitting at dinner time.