A number of world leaders are known to be involved in an affair. The scandal damaged the harmony of the family, shocked the country’s politics, and the world. They are famous as controversial affairs among the political figures.

Stories about their affairs are famous all over the world. The ending of their affairs also varies, some end up in prison and even killed. These are 5 controversial affairs among the political figures:

1.     Silvio Berlusconi

He is an Italian political figure since 1994. In addition, he served three terms of office for 17 years marked by sex scandals with a number of women. The number is included in his affair with commercial female sex workers. His third leadership period was the ‘busiest’ time.

He threw parties with young women at his luxury homes. The worst, in 2013 the court proves that he was legal to have sex with Karima El Mahroug. She is a dancer who is still 17 years old. Therefore, the court decided to imprison him for up to 7 years.

2.     Dominique Strauss

He is one of the French politicians. Dominique Strauss is also the former head of the International Monetary Fund. Furthermore, his governing council fired him from his position in 2011. This was because he sexually harassed a hotel employee in New York.

The court overturned criminal charges regarding this in 2012. Then they settled this case into a civil case. In early 2015, a government council took him to a French court on charges of involvement in the prostitution network. But the court ruled that the former French presidential candidate was innocent.

3.     Idi Amin Dada

The president, who is also a military official, ruled for eight years. His government has a bad history. Such as political repression, corruption, economic transition, and human rights violations. He has been married at least 6 times, has 50 mistresses outside of marriage.

Furthermore, he once built a business using the names of his 3 wives. But then divorced them through live broadcasts on the radio. He fled when Tanzanian troops invaded Uganda and arrived in Libya. Furthermore, he finally settled in Saudi Arabia and died there.

4.     Moammar Khadafi

This dictator is famous for his bodyguards consisting of beautiful virgin women. He has ruled Libya for 40 years with a long list of violations and crimes. In 2010, he invited 20 young women from Italy who later claimed that Gaddafi treated them like queens.

The dictator treats some women as sex slaves. The governing council has briefly adjudicated the reports of a number of women. After being ousted from power, he was captured by the National Transitional Council forces and killed.

5.     Kim Jong-il

The North Korean Grand Leader has a large number of female escorts he chose himself. Although running the country like a big prison, he enjoyed a luxurious life. There are approximately 2,000 beautiful young women for entertainment purposes.

They are also a fulfillment of the sexual desires of the Great Leader. All these women must not be taller than 155 centimeters, because that is the height of him.

Those are controversial affairs among the political figures. They are famous political figures all over the world. In addition, they are famous not only for their scandalous news but their character as controversial politicians.