Diabetes is a disease that can attack both adults and kids. However, a kid immune isn’t as strong as adults therefore, it is more dangerous for kids to suffer from Diabetes. One type of immune that usually attacks kids is Diabetes Type 1, which can attack adults too. Usually, kids will get sleepy and hungry easily compared to normal kids. How to prevent kids from Diabetes Type 1 is quite tricky, but it is still possible.

Even though curing diabetes is hard to cure, but parents can at least help prevent their kids from diabetes. If there is a family history of diabetes, the possibility to get it also big. However, the last thing people can do is delay the occur. These are some ways in how to prevent kids from diabetes Type 1.

1. Receiving Insulin Injection

Diabetes patients have no insulin, or they decrease slowly by time. And this is one of the main cause they get attack with diabetes. Therefore, to prevent kids from having no insulin, some parents inject a low dose of insulin. But parents must realize that this is not a cure, it is just a way to help delay the disease from coming faster.

 2. Maintain Healthy Food

Eating healthy foods and maintaining a healthy diet can also help delay diabetes. Ensure to give low-sugar foods and drinks to your kids to maintain their blood sugar. Therefore, kids shouldn’t eat snacks or foods from places that aren’t clean. Try cooking simple foods for your kids without using too much salt and sugar of course. This may not be fun for your kids, but it will help their health.

 3. Monitor Blood Sugar

The most important thing on how to prevent kids from diabetes type 1, is by always monitoring their blood sugar. Make a routine schedule on when you must check their blood sugar. This will help parents have a fast reaction if their kid’s blood sugar suddenly becomes high. Also, buy a tool or equipment that can measure blood sugar.

 4. Doing Physical Activity

Kids who suffer from diabetes are not allowed to do heavy activities. However, they are still allowed to do physical activities such as sports. Just make sure that when they get tired, they rest for a while before starting again. Ensure that they don’t faint either, so kids must know how strong and weak their bodies are. By doing physical activities, kids’ bodies can get some fresh air and be healthier.

5. Regular Check-Up

It is also very important to check up with the doctor regularly. Even though there is no complain from your kids, don’t forget to do a routine check-up. This is to maintain the health of your kids so that they keep health. Like people say, it is better to know now, rather than later.

These ways on how to prevent kids from diabetes type 1 depend on how routine you do them. The more routine and careful, the better the result is. Even though doctors are not able to cure diabetes, at least we can help delay from getting worse. Stay with healthy foods and live happily is another way to prevent diabetes.