As the human being, we need to know the news of the day today to keep us updated about what is going on outside there. As the days are also getting modern, it is easy nowadays to get the news through smartphone, the truth is sometimes there are a lot of websites that make the fake news just to get money. To avoid fake news, here are some things that you need to notice when reading the news :

  1. Careful with the provocative title—the person who makes the fake news usually read the actual news on the reliable websites then they will change the information that will make give the effect to some institution, so the title of the fake news is usually sensational 
  2. Watch the website—make sure you are reading from the legal websites that are already verified, the example of the unverified website is the “blog” page
  3. Check the interviewees—there should be more than one interviewees in the news so the information is factual and based on the fact 
  4. Make sure the photos are original—as the days are getting modern, people are also able to edit the photos to support the fake news that they have made
  5. Use the application to check—there is an app called “Hoax Analyzer” that you can use to check whether the news is fake or not 

Indeed, it is needed to know the news of the day today but do not only read from one resource because that news might be fake. Based on the research, the websites that provide the fake news are more than the websites that provide the factual news, that is why we all need to be careful to find the right one. If you want to get the factual news without even doing the double checking, read the newspaper. The news in the newspaper is all factual.You can also talk about the news of the day today with your friends or relatives because they might have already read the news earlier and have found the factual information. Sometimes it takes time to get and understand and also make sure that we have read the newest and factual news today. One thing to remember when we are looking for the updated news, do not just read and trust one website, we need to do the comparison of the news.