People adopt pets because pets are known fun, playful and loyal. However, besides playing with them, it is also important to take care of them. Starting from their health, food and especially their sanitary. Sanitary is an important aspect to pay attention to. The hygiene of sanitary would not only affect the cat but also the master and the surrounding environment. Before adopting them, it is necessary to figure out some sanitary tips for cats.

Some people might assume that cats would litter carelessly and cause an unpleasant smell. Whereas cats are animal that adores cleanness. Even though they do not like water but the cat does love being bathed. To provide the right home for them, here are some sanitary tips for cats that is simple to apply home:

 1. Provide Cat Sand Container

Cats usually litter in sands or on grounds. To keep it clean, provide a litter box with cat sands it in. The Cat sand has a fragrant smell that cat loves and able to bury the bad smell. Provide it in a suitable container that is big enough for the cat. 

2. Provide enough Cat Sand 

Homey sanitary tips for cats with providing enough cat sand. Make sure there is enough cat sand to cover up all the litter. If the sand is not enough it might cause more dirtiness to the sanitary. If the cat has defecated but overall the sand is still clean, immediately take the litter using a litter scoop. It would keep the sanitary clean and hygiene

3. Often Change and Clean

Sands in the cats box must be changed at least once a day. Do not wait until the sanitary is full and dirty. When cleaning the sanitary, use clean water with cloth and cleaning agent that contains disinfectants. Soak in the sanitary box for about 30 minutes with disinfectants to kill the bacteria and virus. 

4. Circulation 

The sanitary is led inside a cage or located indoor, make sure it has enough circulation. Do not use an air conditioner when in the cleaning process. It is better to use a fan to make a better air circulation. Give some time to dry the litter box outside under the sun’s heat. It could help get rid of bacteria and bad smell

5. One Cat – One Litter Box

The last sanitary tips for cats are providing each cat with one litter tray. Do not use one place for more than one cat. It could mix dirt from different cats at once which is not a nice option. Besides not all cats are willing to share the same litter box with each other. 

These sanitary tips for cats are simple and not expensive to apply, especially at home. Choosing the equipment for cat sand, litter box, disinfectants spray is easy to get. It could be bought in pet shops and also online. By keeping the cat clean, will also make the environment around us clean too. Therefore, try to discipline the cat too, too make everything clean.