Sometimes when we are watching our favorite series on the TV, suddenly it should be paused because of the breaking news. So, what is breaking news? It is also known as specific news that tells about the new problem or phenomena that is going on so the announcer needs to pause the specific program on TV. Today news breaking news can also be a live report from the reporter that is reporting some a special event like the inauguration of the president, a wedding ceremony of the famous people, a preparation of concert and something like that. There are some information that should be reported for the today news breaking news : 

  1. What—what is going on or what has happened a few moments ago
  2. Who—the people who are in the phenomena 
  3. Where—the place where that phenomenon happens
  4. When—the time, date, day, month, and year of that phenomena
  5. Why—the cause of that phenomena or what makes that phenomena are going on
  6. How—the process of that phenomena 

Need to remember that breaking news is only reported through TV, radio, or online resource. When you are reading today’s newspaper but there is the headline “breaking news of the day” that news might be not true. It is only able to be delivered through online resource because the reporter and the announcer have to be there at the same time—not really at the same time but actually the announcer has to be in the same place that the phenomenon is going on. Today news breaking news can also be about a specific disaster in the specific place, like earthquakes, floods, and landslides. Sometimes it is very important to find and know the today news breaking news because it will keep us updated for the things that are going on. Especially in this modern day it is getting easier to access the internet so you do not have to watch the TV or listen to the radio to know it. The good things about finding the breaking news through online resources are, you can access it anytime and anywhere without even worrying to miss the information, you can also read from a lot of resources from the online newspaper. But when we are watching the breaking news on the TV, we are only able to watch from one resource because we cannot watch some TV stations at the same time.