Many news outlets put The death of isis leader as the latest breaking news. It’s really surprising to found the leader of the isis just near the Turkish borders. Some even still doubting the death of Abu Bakar al Baghdadi since there is no hard evidence of his death. 

Donald Trump had vocally spoken out about the raid on Bagdadi in detail. Intelligence had known the exact position of the ISIS leader hideout about a month ago. After the surveillance and observation, the raid plan was informed to the president before the last weekend. A team gathered in the Whitehouse to monitor the raid in time.

The raider team took off by eight helicopters from an airbase in Erbil, northern Iraq. The helicopter used were twin-rotor CH 47 and other helicopters. It flew through Russian controlled territory and turkey. The helicopter then reached the target about ten minutes after take-off. It was located in Barisha, about 5 km from Turkish borders. Before coming down, the gunner in the helicopter secured the places with fire shots and missiles. The delta forces then come down with military dogs and military robots. The soldiers entering the house by blasting to the wall. They believed that the main door to be booby-trapped. 

Baghdadi got nowhere to run except the underground bunker tunnels. He wore a suicide vest and dragging along three of his children. As military robots and dogs were chasing him, he was stopped by a dead end. He ignited the suicide vest, killing his children and made his body scattered. Even, the tunnels were collapsed because of the blow. his death now becomes the latest breaking news. There is no victim from the delta force sides, except an injured dog.

The Bagdadi’s body then taken by digging the debris. An on-site DNA test confirms that the DNA matched Bagdadi DNA. It’s assumed that the DNA was compared to his daughter’s DNA to check that the person has blood relations. Furthermore, biometric test assures that the corpse matched with Bagdadi’s facial feature. It was all happen in a short time. As the troops had retreated, US fighter fired six missiles into the compound. It’ now level to the ground.

Donald Trump announced that the mission was accomplished successfully. It was extraordinary progress for world peace. Donald Trump even posted on his twitter account about the injured dog that had saved the world from downfall. The dog’s name was not declassified. The dog was glorified and praised as the savior as he captured and killed the Isis leader.Isis so far had not made any statement about the death of their leader, but some analysts predicted that there might be revenge action by isis member. This the latest breaking news shall stagger all isis branch that scatters around the world.