Famous tourist attractions in Adelaide become a choice for tourists to do recreational activities with friends and family. Adelaide is one of the largest cities and capitals in the state of South Australia. There are many famous tourist attractions, and here is a list of where to visit in Adelaide.

1 Adelaide Zoo

The Adelaide Zoo is a good tourist destination for children and adults. This attraction is the second oldest zoo in Australia located in Adelaide, South Australia.

This zoo has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 8 hectares and already open on May 23, 1883. This zoo has around 300 species of animals and has more than 2000 animals in this tourist spot.

The Adelaide Zoo is found in the late 19th century. This place makes visitors love this place. Because it is a charismatic collection of animals and the educational focus. Some Giant pandas are the stars in this place, including both young and old.

Other attractions that attract visitors are orangutans attraction, the Envirodome, and a vertical garden. Many children will love the zoo. Because they can kiss, and hug as well as quokkas, kangaroos and wallabies.

2 Bumbunga Lake

Lake Bumbunga is a salt lake located in South Australia close to the cities of Lochiel and Bumbunga. Salt in this area mines it since 1881. To get to this famous tourist spot in Adelaide, visitors need less than 2 hours from Adelaide.

Lake Bumbunga tourist attraction has a pretty unique view, which is looking to have a color change to pink or depending on the salinity of water throughout the year. Therefore, this place is the most beautiful place, which is one of the places where to visit in Adelaide.

3 The Museum of Migration

The Migration Museum is a social history museum has a location in Adelaide, South Australia. And this place is one of three museums run by the History Trust of South Australia.

This museum is related to the history of settlement immigration in Australia. Furthermore, the museum was established at the initiative of the government in 1983 and opened in 1986. Besides the museum’s attractions aim to promote cultural diversity and multiculturalism in terms of ethnicity, class, gender, age, and region.

The Adelaide Migration Museum was the first anywhere on earth when it opened in 1986. This facility promotes multiculturalism by tracing the social history of a generation of newcomers who have made a major contribution to the people of South Australia.

4 Victoria Square

In the city center, at the junction with Grote Street and Wakefield Street, King William Street opens the altered Victoria Square, a beautifully landscaped venue for events. The Tarndanyangga is the name of this place. That name is an aboriginal name.

Under the shadow of modern tall buildings, some beautiful 19th-century buildings have been preserved. Moreover, on the south side, standing judges impress the ‘Courthouse with rows of Doric. On the east side of this place, there is the Financial Building next to the City Hall.

Those are some places where to visit in Adelaide. The place is a recommendation of a tourist destination that must visit when stopping at Adelaide.